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Free is always my favorite Word of the Day! What about you?  Image result for free

If you’re not aware, Zombie Burger offers free milkshakes on your birthday!  I enjoy a delicious chocolate wedding cake milk shake on mine!  Even though it’s really “only” chocolate, I like to pretend it’s a unique shake made only for me for my birthday and for my wedding anniversary by my only daughter who works at Zombie Burger! 

You and I, my Attorney Reader, Image result for chocolate milkshakecan meet at Zombie Burger and I can offer free consultation to discuss your litigated case and how I might help you to help your client!

Image result for freeFree Consultation on Personal Injury Litigation (I probably won’t foot the bill for your meal, but I will offer you a free Image result for images steel straw steel straw!

If you have questions on a case that have anything to do with work and disability, you need solid and detailed information to base your decisions. I am here to help you answer questions and build your case. 

Image result for jalapenos cartoonKeep in mind when we meet, I may even try to motivate you to try my favorite sandwich with extra jalepenos, just the way Arin knows I like it ordered!

Plus, I’m losing a bit of focus between ice cream and hot peppers, but let it be know that I can help you by designing a life care plan for an individual (your client) who has sustained a serious injury resulting in permanent disability.

Life care planning that encompasses forensic vocational rehabilitation consulting is a unique concept. I am able to provide this service.  A plan helps determine lifetime needs and costs of care for the individual and highlights the medical recovery process, current problems and potential complications. 

A plan offers information to help your litigated case move along. As a certified life care planner, I guarantee I’ll prepare the most comprehensive plan I can for your client. The benefits are huge!

Contact me at 515-282-7753 and let’s talk briefly and set up a time to meet! Image result for free

I’ve uploaded an updated resume along with a sample plan, and brochures on my co-companies, Vocational Resources Plus and Life Care Planning Resources Plus, which you can access at the links on my website.

Image result for comb neem combI don’t charge for initial case file consultations! But I do comb through the complexities of your case and come prepared to educate a jury should it go to trial.

Here’s my free counseling for the day: Do yoga at home….it’s free!


My professional rehabilitation counseling practice is focused on helping people participate in the world around them, particularly in their own world of work.

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