Reports Answer Questions

Vocational Resources, Plus LLC thoroughly  investigates employment  aspects of workers’ compensation, personal injury, and disability cases. We deliver unique services for job seekers, employers and insurance carriers to effectively address complex employment related issues on workers’ compensation, personal injury and disability cases.

Reports answer questions, assist in decision-making and enhance the direction of the file.  Click here for a sample Vocational Assessment & Evaluation report. 

Reliable Resources

Vocational reports are a reliable resource to assist in decision making and to enhance the direction of the file.  Reports cover a variety of topics and are based specifically on the claimant’s situation.

  • Vocational Assessment & Evaluation
  • Labor Market Surveys
  • Placement
  • Job Search:  The Steps
  • Injury Improvement & Exercise
  • Age Discrimination & The Older Worker
  • Retaliation Claims –Are They Real?
  • Learning Disabilities and Employment
  • Smoking – Pain and Health
  • Market Research:  Viable Vocations
  • Mobility in the Workforce
  • Other Customized Reports

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