Benefits of Vocational Assessment and Evaluation

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A vocational assessment and evaluation is an integral component in vocational rehabilitation. Depending on the perspective, it offers many benefits and is useful for many different applicable purposes.

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A vocational assessment and evaluation can be used to:

  • determine a person’s potential for work, the content of a vocational training program, his or her employability or ability to adapt to different work environments.
  • assist an individual to make realistic job training and career choices based on their interests, abilities, aptitudes, and the realities of the job market.
  • help counselors, rehabilitation professionals and placement specialists work more effectively with their clients.
  • help trainers and instructors adapt to the needs of the person with a disability.
  • help administrators use resources more wisely.
  • help employers make better hiring selections.
  • make recommendations about the person’s work-life!

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For a detailed look into the outcome of this service, please take a look at the Sample Vocational Assessment & Evaluation Report link found on my website.

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