Happy 50th Birthday Randy! Get on Your Bike and Ride!

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Happy 50th Birthday to my husband Randy! Today he turns the big 50. September 29 is also Randy’s mother’s birthday. Marylin would’ve turned 70 today. She’s been in heaven for 15 years now. How many women have babies on their birthdays? Pretty cool, huh! I’m curious of the odds.

The lines

You say it’s your birthday,
It’s my birthday too, yeah;
They say it’s your birthday,
We’re gonna have a good time;
I’m glad it’s your birthday,
Happy birthday to you.

Yes, we’re goin’ to a party, party.
Yes, we’re goin’ to a party, party,
Yes, we’re goin’ to a party, party.

from the Beatles Birthday Song from the White Album ring true here!

B Boy

 50 years ago the stork delivered boy Botkin to Marylin & Jim

Randy’s mother, Marylin was one great lady. We love and miss her dearly (and her husband Jim too…also “up there and with us all”.) When Randy was a teenager growing up in Saylorville Township, his mom worked 8pm-4am as a data processor for Banker’s Trust downtown Des Moines.

When Marylin arrived back home from her shift (yes, 4am),  she’d wake Randy up so he could get going on his paper route (Des Moines Register & Tribune). Randy and my dad have their exciting paper route stories….!

Randy tells me he delivered (and yes, we have to relive the days by traveling his route, he being the tour guide, from time to time in his old hood), the daily paper to ~56 homes each morning before school. He had to finish delivering and arrive back home so he could get on the bus on time to get to school. To this day, Randy is an early riser, and brags he doesn’t use an alarm clock. Tis true.

Paper boy

 Read All About It!

Randy walked his delivery route and recalls how most of his customers requested the newspaper be placed inside the door (as opposed to the typical throw it and hope it ends near the door method.) He remembers getting tips. And he remembers when it was really cold. Really, really cold. Read early mornings in Iowa…..brrrrr, makes me shiver just thinking about it. I would not have made it long as a paper boy.

50 bdayCelebrate today Randy. You get raspberry crisp for your b-day treat!

Trivia: The scales of justice is the symbol for Libra (Randy’s one), and is the only zodiac sign that is not represented by animal or human.

Although you are no longer a paper boy Mr. Botkin, I know those days were valuable to develop your work ethic. In early 2013 I wrote several blogs about Randy and his work ethic! Okay, now get on your bike and ride. Hey, why didn’t you use pedal power for your paper route?

Biking BoyRandy does use pedal power, each day to ride to school. Tis true.

Just an aside: Yesterday, my kids Jake and Arin and their close friends Bridget and Bonsie drove to Chicago to see the Black Keys and Cage the Elephant concert at the United Center. They left at 10am Sunday and got home a little before 5am today. Think we weren’t a tad bit worried? Not a lot of sleep. But they had a good time and I’m waiting for Arin’s stories as she had to get to work at the library by 9am! And Jake is asleep….

Hope your week is great!


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