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Are you an attorney who sees the value in bringing in a vocational expert to testify on your client’s behalf?  If so, contact me to discuss how my role as a forensic vocational rehabilitation expert witness in civil litigation cases will help convince the jury of the extent of the injury and how it affects your client’s vocational outlook.

My credentials include a bachelor’s degree in health education from Iowa State University in 1995 and a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling (with an emphasis on placement and mental health) from Drake University in 2004. My CRC certificate (Certified Rehabilitation Counselor) along with my CLCP certificate (Certified Life Care Planner) and my JPS certificate (Job Placement Specialist) topped off with my post graduate degree from George Washington University in forensic rehabilitation counseling (FRC) allow me to stay strong and authoritative in my chosen field of vocational rehabilitation and life care planning.

My experiences in Career Counseling, Life Care Planning, Vocational Rehabilitation and Placement are valuable when formulating an opinion in regard to a person’s disabling condition and where s/he is within his or her work working world.

I specialize in vocational evaluations and my conclusions help to determine issues such as whether or not the individual can return to the same job performing the same duties at the same salary; whether or not the individual’s work environment will have to be modified to accommodate the disability; whether or not the individual can functionally work in a new field with or without training; or whether or not the person can ever return to work at all.

Yes, I have strong opinions based on the facts. I am grounded in safety and believe in the incredible benefits of rehabilitation. I also have pretty firm convictions that if a person wants to work and has the will, there is a way. However, I am not stubborn and remain flexible when new information is brought to my attention. Please contact me for more information on expert witness services. My testimony may be just the right fit for your difficult cases involving work and serious disability.

I update my resume throughout each year, and you can find it for review and download on my website. References are available as well. The bottom line is that my work is valuable in many venues and my credentials, professionalism and positivism align to help you help your clients!

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 My professional rehabilitation counseling practice is focused on helping people participate in the world around them, particularly in their own world of work