Forensic Rehabilitation Consulting

Vocational Resources Plus LLC offers forensic rehabilitation consulting services to answer questions involving matters of employment and disability in both plaintiff and defense litigation.

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If there are questions in any case concerning the ability to work and earn wages, forensic rehabilitation consulting can be a huge asset!

Consulting services are useful to evaluate vocational rehabilitation potential, to determine the extent of loss of job, of pay, of work capacity, or to report on employment situations or training outcomes.  As a resource to clientele, consider how services, such as these, could help your legal case in a positive way. Be creative!

Forensic Rehabilitation Consulting Services Include:

~  Vocational Assessment & Evaluation

~ Earning Capacity Evaluation

~ Life Care Planning

~ Expert Testimony & Witness

Contact Vocational Resources Plus LLC  at 515-282-7753 for additional information on services that will help you to help your client!

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