Hermey’s Career from the Production Line to Dentistry…Follow Your Heart

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Are you being productive at work because you enjoy what you do? If so congratulations! You experience coherence between your work and your personality.

I wrote awhile back about my son starting a job at Wells Fargo as a collector. He is doing very well there, and recently moved up into a team leadership role. Good work Nick. I am very proud of you! Nick is able to become successful because of coherence.

Hermey and Rudolph

Hermey and Rudolph (did you know the movie originally aired in 1964?)

Perhaps you have a bit of the character Hermey (or my son, or even me!?) in you? Are you happy at work and therefore productive because your work and your personality click? Or is it the opposite?

People are happiest when they are put in jobs that match their personality. Rewarding work improves your success rate. Personality can be a big factor in determining the success in any particular field. Equally important, when you work in an environment that supports you, you act and even feel more effective!

One day at work in the toy factory, Hermey was going to get written up by the head elf because he hadn’t finishing painting the toys. ‘What’s eating you, boy?’ the Head Elf asked. Hermey simply wasn’t happy with his work and didn’t like to make toys.


Hermey is Very Good with His Hands!

When asked what he wanted to do, Hermey replied, ‘Well, sir, someday, I’d like to be a…a…a dentist.’ He continued to explain how there was a need for a dentist and he had been studying….’It’s fascinating; you’ve no idea. Molars and bicuspids and incisors…’ It helps to be fascinated by your work! Skills and natural talent make your career a perfect fit!

Hermey had keen insight into what made himself click, and most likely, unless the Island of Misfits or The North Pole had Internet access, he knew this without taking an online personality inventory. If you click to the left you’ll go to a previous post from me [and on me!] on personality.

Upon gaining experience, with fixing dolls’ teeth and later extracting the abdominal snowman’s teeth, his career really took off!

Ab snowmanHe really wasn’t mean at all!

The abdominal snowman was in pain and needed help. Thank you Hermey for your talent, ability and confidence to help him.

I have written two articles on dentists over the last couple of months for Women’s Edition – here’s one. This dentist loves his work!

AuraFollow your Heart!

I am naturally drawn to my work. I love my work and am passionate about my career! I become energized and engaged by what I do for a living!  I hope you do too!

Here’s a great article about Why Loving Your Work Matters. It describes 5 big ways that having energizing work benefits both your life and the world around you:

You have more energy to put into ~

~ your work

~ your relationships

~ making a difference

~enjoying life

~ overcoming challenges

I hope you have a fantastic week!


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