Patience, Persistence & Perseverance Dominate! Time for Spring & A New Consulting Strategy!

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There’s not much growing in our back yard but crocus which tells me it’s about time to spring forward with excitement for what else will arise out of the soil!  In fact, time is the essence of all life and an honored resource I wholly appreciate. I believe patience, persistence and perseverance are incredible qualities found in a person and in a beautiful flowering plant!


Crocus, a perennial favorite!

All things produce when the time is right. Nothing can, could, will or should ever change this. It makes the most sense to follow Mother Nature’s lead and work with her rather than battle against her!

Back to my backyard which always looks rough this time of year. Since Bella’s been gone, it isn’t as awful (read mounds of poo that survived under the snow). I look forward to watching the grass and the maple tree leaves sprout. And I truly get excited about what else may pop up through the ground, after forgetting what I may have planted last year or the year before!

Referred to as the Monster Tree!

I try not to grumble about picking up the numerous sticks, branches and pieces of bark and remind myself I can burn or recycle my gatherings. Thank you oh monster tree for your beauty, shade, and for housing the squirrels, birds and other wild things! 

I love to note my first Robin sighting of the year! 

It’s impossible for me to embrace progress without patience, persistence and perseverance and the harbingers of Spring. I’m encouraged to find purpose in almost everything I see and do and strive to keep on keeping on until it all makes senseImage result for crocusI’m able to find comfort in what I’m doing now and can find that the powers-that-be will grace me with accomplishment in the future. What matters to me most is finding happiness and success in everyday life with even the most simple things! My mind is made up that way!

success If you’re going on a road trip this Spring, feel free to take this map along!

Success is found after driving safely through Patience, Hard Work & Perseverance. Hopefully you didn’t veer off Dreamer’s road and got lost; or end up in Pain because I hear it’s a bumpy trip!

Contact me to discuss how together we can help your client uncover the road that leads to a successful litigation outcome.  Keep in mind even detours can lead to places you may not have ever traveled. 

I hope you, my attorney reader, will contact me if I can help you on a legal case involving work and disability. I completely understand each case requires patience, persistence and perseverance. 

Contact me at 515-778-0634 or to discuss your case. I look forward to helping it blossom with a new consulting strategy!

Thank you for reading my post!


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