How My Past has Brought Me to The Present! Part 8

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I enrolled again at Des Moines Area Community College in Spring 1990. I had already taken courses in the Fall of 1986-87 and 1987-88.

 Over a couple years’ times, I took many courses (at the Ankeny campus and the Urban campus) and graduated in 1992 with an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts.

DMACC Transcripts

DMACC is an excellent educational institution and I recommend it highly! .Click here to learn more about what’s going on at DMACC   Ahem, Nick my boy, has only a few credits to complete…..get a move on young man!  Considering you were 1 when I went back to college at DMACC. I will help.

I remember one of my earlier instructors – Dr. Robin Orr (ISU Basketball Famous Coach Johnny’s daughter) taught Human Biology (click here for good info describing this course).  As our class was about to take a final, she stopped mid-sentence and asked us all to arise and take a deep breath.  Then she left the room and motioned for us to follow…we did…to a new room… take our test.  That moment in time really cleared the brain and prepared me to ace that test.

Thank you Robin, RIP

One day in speech class, (click here for a good explanation of this subject)  I recall talking to a classmate (right after a fellow classmate’s demonstration speech on how to make a subway sandwich!) of my intentions to continue on at Iowa State University.  I said to him, I’m not going to go ahead and get my degree here from DMACC, what does it matter since I am going on?  My wise classmate recommended I change my mind and receive the diploma as you never know what could happen.

Smart…so I did.  But for some unknown…I can’t find the diploma!  Wahhh. [Update early 2015!… DMACC Diploma found!]

I did graduate from DMACC, but did not do the walk.  Anyway, thank you fellow Mr. Classmate.  Wish I could remember your name!  I’m sure you are successful somewhere.

Another memory of DMACC was my teacher of Finite Math ( click here for a link to a good explanation of this subject).  I never thought I was much for mathematics…….but after her class I felt much better about my abilities!  She was an excellent teacher….and made (I mean absolutely made) us do our homework….and taught us how to do it!  No homework turned in, no grades.  This course helped me to learn how to think analytically….and not procrastinate with homework.

Again, I graduated from Des Moines Area Community College with a Liberal Arts Associates degree December of 1992.  Here’s a listing of my coursework! During part of this timeframe while attending DMACC,  I was employed at CorVel Corporation through Interim Personnel (a staffing agency).  CorVel has just opened a branch office in West Des Moines.  After the temporary to hire period (30 days), I was permanently hired on staff at CorVel in February of 1992.

More to come about that work in Part 9.  Stayed tuned!

As I continue to blog about my work–life, love-passion, I encourage you to take time to assess your own world.  See your value.  Go ahead and share insight into your world of work….I’d love to know more.


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