What a Week, Weekend, Life! Be Safe.

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What a week! Mom celebrated her birthday on Friday; and my niece Taylor did on Sunday. Our friend Megan Sims had a high school gradation party (and she’s going to Drake!). Most of what happened over the past week was very good……but something happened on Sunday (Mother’s Day) evening that was very very bad.


Can you imagine? Horror was actually one of my grandmother‘s favorite words…but certainly not in this context….

My son, Jacob, got robbed, yes on mother’s day, 2013, and it was first degree robbery, which means: the robbers (3 of em) had a gun. Jake was just walking to meet a friend as he does many a night. It was about 9:40pm, and the thugs came from behind him. They got all his cash ~ $100.

I am so incredibly thankful to God that Jake wasn’t physically hurt. He did exactly what was best in the situation~ give em the money. And then call 911.  The cops said if they don’t catch the robbers within 15 minutes after a crime like this, the likelihood of catching them at all is pretty much zero.

Some people have a concealed weapon permit. Some people have taken a self defense course. Some people carry pepper spray. Some people are fighters. But most people can use common sense to safeguard yourself and what you care about and love.


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Anyway, BE SAFE

While at work, while traveling to or from work, simply between the course of your day be aware of your surroundings.. Where ever you are, pay attention to everything and every person around you.

And last night’s storms are another reason to be aware of your surroundings and BE SAFE. At work, at home, anywhere. Do what you can to remain accident free.


My professional rehabilitation counseling practice is focused on helping people find a place in the workforce.



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