Benefits of Water Aerobics, and Splashing About!

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I started a water aerobics class three weeks ago and am really enjoying it. This is a first for me!  There’s about 12 women and 2 men in the class, held at a local high school indoor pool.  All different shapes, sizes and personalities splashing about!

We all aren’t shaped like this!

It is a fun, but serious workout, where you learn water-related exercises with a fun variety of musical accompaniment. You’ll stretch to improve flexibility and work out to strengthen your cardiovascular system. The teacher, Robbie, is a kill! She is an excellent teacher, and I gauge this on how I caught on to the routine(s) fairly quickly!

Another exercise love! 

There are many benefits to water exercise:

  1. Non-weight bearing exercise
  2. Improves muscular endurance
  3. Improves core strength and endurance
  4. Great exercise for pregnant women
  5. Improves flexibility
  6. Improves cardiovascular conditioning
  7. Burns enormous amount of calories
  8. Keeps the body cool during exercise
  9. Fun and enjoyable exercise
  10. Great way to modify or spice up normal routine

Keep in mind the ability to swim is not required.  All you really need is a decent swim suit (still searching for one….), motivation (the water is between 78-80 degrees, so there’s no balking when the time comes to jump in!), and dedication to caring about your body.

It’s Fun to Splash About!

Research proves that as you improve physically, so do you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I think if I interviewed the people in my swim aerobics class, they would agree with the research….  In fact, I’ve talked to a few of my classmates while splashing about. One told me she has lost 47 pounds since starting the class. Another one tells me how much better she sleeps at night. And another, he just likes to joke around and laugh!

Engaging in continuous exercise and being physically fit is incredibly important during any rehabilitation. If you are recovering from an injury, be sure to exercise everyday. I’m happy to help motivate my clients to exercise!

Stay tuned for more about the benefits of exercise and physical fitness… yogi is coming in the future!


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