Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary Randy! August 4, 1990

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Randy and I were married by Father Dave Polich on Saturday, August 4, 1990 at 2:00 pm at Christ the King Catholic Church on the south side of Des Moines. It was a beautiful day and we had a fun ceremony with many friends and family attending and participating.

We had a fun ceremony!

Our son Nick was 16 months old and accompanied by Michele Ridout so he wouldn’t be interested in making any fuss! My father, Dick, and my sister, Julie did the readings; Tammy Butler Silvey and Stacey Quick Lovell served as my best gals; while Randy’s brother Kyl Botkin and Bryan Anderson his best boys.

Of course, my mother Ann, sister Janice and her daughter Taylor Prochnow, Randy’s parents Marylin and Jim Botkin, Grandpa Chuck Botkin; Randy’s and my co-workers and friends all joined us for the day!

My brother Mike Prochnow served as videographer, while my attendant Joyce Clark and guest book attendant Sharla Hickman helped. Hope I’m not forgetting anyone at this time! We’ll have to get the wedding book out before we go out to eat tonight Randy. Oh, the organist, Alma. Everyone helped us become married!

After the ceremony with Mass of course, our wedding party rode around town in a long black limo. The driver followed our directions to retrace the steps around Court Avenue and the downtown library where we met (on 8/8/99) while walking to the parking lot!

Someone from the party opened a bottle of champagne in the limo and it exploded, staining my wedding dress! 

Our reception was held at the apartment complex in West Des Moines where I used to live at the time we met. Garcia’s Restaurant (where Randy worked part-time at the time we got married, and for several years beyond during our marriage) catered the food. And my other brother, Steven Prochnow served as the DJ! We ate, danced and had a great time partying! Randy’s aunt even decided to jump into the pool, fully dressed?!?

We have lots of pictures, and when I look back at them now, I think, what a waste of film!  Many of the pictures were not shot in correct lighting and are blurry. Nowadays, you can do so much more with shooting photography and editing pictures…a favorite hobby! 

Afterwards, and into the evening, Randy and I drove North for our honeymoon…with a destination of Duluth Minnesota. Yo, huh!?  Actually, to tell the truth, I drove that night because someone was a little tipsy. But first, right after we left the the reception, I had to drive back home before taking off for our destination because someone forgot the luggage (I blamed him and he blamed me…great start!), plus the cans needed to be cut off the car! 

Split Rock Lighthouse

Remember the trip Randy! We had a blast, and have been having a wonderful marriage ever since! Well, mostly!  Marriage is not easy, that’s for sure!  I realize I am blessed to be married to my kinda of man.

Companionship in marriage is key. Between Randy and I, there’s always a celebration, a fight (or a debate) going on, a lot of work to accomplish, or simply taking the time to hang out with each other! Another key to marriage is to lose expectations and go with the flow (even though I often try to direct the flow…)

Randy, although in the past I’ve told you I hated your guts, have smacked you in the nose, flipped you off  and committed other stupid moves (or sins)  that affected our marriage negatively, always related to some sort of adverse stressor we were unable to address in the heat of the moment,  I do love you very, very, very, …… very much!


As an aside, my blog writing  on my website does contain a lot about Randy. He says they are love letters! Well, I saw he offers good writing material about his jobs, his ethic and well, just being a good man. He is the source of my capacity to be self-employed and work from home. Thank you for being my husband for 30 days as of today! & Yo, Read my blog!


 My professional rehabilitation counseling practice is focused on helping people participate in the world around them, particularly in their own world of work.

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