Happy 33rd Nick, I Admire Your Tenacity in Life!

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Happy 33rd Birthday Nick!

I sure admire your tenacity in all you do and all you stand for.

Rainbow Cake, Oh My!

My son has a very determined way of standing his ground, overcoming the obstacles in his way, and improving his daily living every single day. Tenacity is a constant.

He is closing in on his 10th year at Wells Fargo which will be in July; and moving on up tenaciously.  I’d love to blog about his career, but hey, they say it’s his April birthday month. 

Nick is a new homeowner, the day he received the keys and entered that door, he’s turned the house around. Talk about tenacity in the planning and execution of home improvements, and there’s more on the horizon! 

Might as well buy a house for your birthday!

I am a proud mother for sure.  

We had a rough last year losing three beloved pets in only a few months span of time. I so miss our Bella, Mila and Penny, the canine loves of our world. Over the last few years our feline loves too, Max, Felix, Samantha and Louie went over Rainbow Bridge.

Nick is a new cat owner.

Here’s Petey Kitty who entered Nick’s life last year

Nick taught Petey how to play catch. That takes tenacity!

Nick is also a new dog owner.

Welcome puppy poochie poo Bunnie! Can you say Oh, My again?!

Potty training and the art of raising a puppy takes tenacity double time. Bunnie is a rescue, isn’t she adorable? Here she is napping on the job!

Could it be possible a pupz could be any cuter than this?

Back to tenacity, of which I personally like to explore in the Spring. I am always determined at this time of the year to reassess, reorganize, and reuse what I got! It also means purging, and a time to refresh.

Being determined is ground in honing in on your skills, knowing your values, and setting your goals high. That’s my son Nick every day whether it’s work for money or work for home. Ask anyone who knows him whether they view him as tenacious. I can prove it because I already know the answer: a definite affirmative. 

Hey Nick, I hope you got some of your grit from yo momma here.  Enjoy your birthday and yes I’ll puppysit anytime!

Here’s a second slice for Jay!

I’m determined to work hard for attorneys who are passionate about their work.  Once we start working together to help your client with their case involving work and disability, you’ll see I’m grounded in creative reality! 

Word of the day: tenacity Noun. 1. tenacity – persistent determination, doggedness, perseverance, persistency, pertinacity, tenaciousness, persistence. determination, purpose – the quality of being determined to do or achieve something; firmness of purpose; “her determination showed in her every movement”; “She is a woman of purpose”.

Woof woof doggedness!

I’m here to help attorneys help their clients by offering Rehabilitation Counseling,  Forensic Consulting, Life Care Planning, Vocational Evaluation, and Expert Witness services.

Give me a call at 515-778-0634 to discuss your case or email me at amyebotkin@lcpresourcesplus.com with a few details about it.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading my blog post!


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