Reference Letters are Golden Nuggets!

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A reference letter can provide potential employers or consulting prospects with an idea of someone else’s understanding of who you are and what qualifications and characteristics you bring to the table.

Reference letters are like golden nuggets because not many job seekers use them! 

As I wrote about in a recent blog on retirement from writing for a women’s publication, I asked for a reference from the person who hired me and here it is:

Reference Letter from Kelcie Warren Women’s Edition

Open me!

I always recommend using 3 recommendations (verbal): consisting of 2 people who have first hand knowledge of your work productivity and 1 person who knows you out in the community. Of these 3 people please ask one to write you a reference letter!  You’ll be happy to have one around whether you need it or not!

I have written several recommendations for others.  A well-written reference letter is also a source of support during a job search! Read it and feel proud of yourself!



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