Reposts can be just as interesting as Reruns….Read on!

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My story leading up to my career as a rehabilitation counselor who focuses on job placement continues.  Because I am blogging through time and space both forward and backward, I have no idea how many parts this story will go!  I hope you enjoy  reading my blogs.

I recently made an executive decision to get another professional certificate. More to come about it later…



Later is today! The 31st day of March 2014! I have about a month left in the third round of my forensics counseling coursework! My current course (Forensics and the Rehabilitation Counselor taught by Larry Ray) has opened my eyes much wider to the law…. the profession is incredible!

My final course will be in case management…then I’ll be done. This stage of my life learning has kept my brain occupied, really occupied.

I’ve not blogged much and knew that may happen. But I love to learn and  look forward to using my new skills in a new way! Hope your workweek is great!

Oh, and GO CUBS!


My professional rehabilitation counseling practice is focused on helping people find a place in the workforce




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