The Truth About Job Accommodations from Dr. McNeil!

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This blog is taken directly from Dr. James McNeil’s recent posting to LinkedIn. He graciously agreed to allowing me to share it with you!

Dr. McNeil is the Program Director & Assistant Professor of Counseling at Carolina University. He’s also on the CRCC Board of Directors!

His profile describes that Dr. McNeil enjoys breaking down complex problems into smaller simpler ones. I’ll add that each step along the way offers new clues to finding answers to all the questions that arise! 

After his post about job accommodations (I added the graphics and the quote), you’ll find links to learn more about Dr. McNeil. I’m happy to have connected with him through LinkedIn

LinkedIn has been very helpful for me in networking with cool people out there!


Dr. McNeil’s post on Job Accommodations:

  • Job accommodations are NOT things that help employees do their job better.
  • Job accommodations are things that help employees do their job.

Sometimes employees can’t do their job because of an injury or illness. Job accommodations make it possible for employees to do their job, even though they have an injury or illness.

(Example) Joe can’t pick up or carry objects weighing over 50 lbs because he has a severe back injury. For objects weighing over 50 lbs, Joe was authorized to ask for assistance or use a lifting device.

That’s it.

Simple right? Not always.

Let’s continue.

🤔 What if Joe works in an area by himself and there is no assistance available?

🤔 What is the name of this so-called “lifting device” and where do I find one?

🤔 What if we find one and it costs a lot of money?

🤔 What if we find one and it’s too big or too small?

🤔 What if it’s perfect, but no one knows how to use it?

🤔 How will it affect productivity and rate?

🤔 And, what does safety have to say about all of this?

Look! Every situation is unique and no one has all the answers, but I do know where you can go for your best shot at finding an answer.

You can go to a rehabilitation professional.

Rehabilitation professionals solve problems like these.

Yeah, I like that.

We solve problems.

So, the next time someone asks you what do you do, smile and say “I solve problems, complex problems, simple problems, expensive problems, personal problems, professional problems, dare I say, all problems!”


Keep in mind that at times problems may not be so problematic! Going for your best shot is, in my opinion, your best deal!

For every problem under the sun, there is a solution or there is none. If there be one, think til you find it. If there be none, then never mind it!” ~ LeGrand Richards


I’d say Dr. McNeil and I share they same view as many of our fellow rehabilitation professionals practicing in many areas of our field. We are investigative and creative people who love to solve problems!

Dr. James McNeil, NCC, CRC 
Dr. James’ McNeil Profile
Website (Company)


Dr. McNeil has several podcasts about rehabilitation counseling and vocational consulting that I’m looking forward to paying attention to! 

Thank you for reading my, oops, I meant our post. It’s the truth about job accommodations in today’s working world!

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