Happy Veterans Day! Thank You for Serving Our Country!

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Happy Veterans Day to my dad Dick, my father-in-law Jim, and all the Vets I’ve worked with in the past and in the present!  My dad was in the Army during the Korean Conflict; and my father in law was in the Air Force. Thank you for serving our country.

Flags Displayed at Gray’s Lake on 9/11

Over the weekend Randy and I listened to the Iowa Military Veterans Band play at the Civic Center. It was really good! I was surprised how full of variety it was for a “band”. There was singing, a skit, and many instrumental solos. The instruments were incredible and included a harp! The crowd joined in many times singing and dancing! Waving our little American flags too!

There was one band member recognized who served in WWII. And there were quite a few in the crowd who did as well.  The veterans in the audience were well honored! The event was free and well done. (I shed a tear or two…) I’ve heard this popular band before, they play in a number of locations and draw large crowds.

I am proud to support Veterans with returning to work! Here’s a post that I love to share about a Veteran I helped.  I also have experience assessing independent living needs for Chapter 31 Veterans and helping them achieve their goals.

Here’s a short clip of happy dogs welcoming soldiers home.  It’s great and leads into a post about one smart dog!  To the love of man and woman’s best friend (Hi Bella!…We love you! bark! bark! Although I don’t think you would’ve made a very good military dog…..being an Aussie and all who thinks she has to make noise and herd everything in site….)


 My professional rehabilitation counseling practice is focused on helping people participate in the world around them, particularly in their own world of work.

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