Your Presence is Key to Landing a Job…It Ripples!

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The key to landing a job is how well you present yourself during the interview.

Study these traits to create a positive image! 

Presence ~ Your first impression is very important. In fact, it ripples through the entire interview. Do what you can to create a positive presence through manners, wearing the appropriate clothing to the interview, making sure you’re well-groomed and having a relaxed, confident manner.

Ability to communicate ~ How well do you communicate to the interviewer? Can you communicate your ideas clearly at the level the position requires? Your interviewer will generally assess both content and delivery of communication.

Motivation ~ Do you have a positive, enthusiastic approach? Do you sound and look confident that you can handle the job?

Intelligence ~ Your answers to questions, your questions to the interviewer and your demonstration of creative and imaginative capabilities will all be considered by the hiring person.

Energy levels and general alertness ~ These motivational forces underlie the other four traits listed here. These traits are not as easily measured as skills, education or experience levels, but they do play an increasingly important role in how you present yourself to the interviewer.

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I love to help people prepare for an upcoming interview. Pretend it’s a game, and you are the Star of the Show! Stay tuned for interviewing like a Star!


My professional rehabilitation counseling practice is focused on helping people find a place in the workforce.

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