Interview Motivation & My Daughter The Hulk!

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Original Post dated: 11-2-2012

In this week’s writing, I’m enhancing my blog from last week about job interviewing  and encourage you, if you are seeking a job, to study certain traits to create a positive image during an interview (or for any type of communication with a human)!

But first, I want to congratulate my daughter Arin for landing a new job. She clearly presented herself and interviewed well! She starts tomorrow, after school, at Walgreens.

You’ll find Arin working in the cosmetics department!

It is true the key to landing a job is how well you present yourself during an interview. But did you also know there are secrets to getting jazzed about the interview? I found a nice article on the internet titled Job Interview Motivation. It lists five secrets to help you get motivated. In summary, they are:

1. The interviewer might be as nervous as you are.

2. The interviewer has more to do than you do.

3. Find a way to keep the negative thoughts out.

4. Realize you are only human.

5. Get outside help.

Click here for the entire article titled Job Interview Motivation. It is really good and will really help you! I added a bit to it, so please take some time and read it!

Using outside tools and techniques for job interview motivation can really help. Realize that many times nervousness comes from being selfish. I know that sounds a little crazy but typically we get ourselves all jazzed up about something because we are worried about how we are going to look or how we are going to act.

Those are selfish thoughts. Work on the selfishness you might have inside and watch your nervousness go away! I love to help people prepare for an interview. Placement is my specialty! If you have a client, or need help with interviewing, please let me know how I might assist.


 My professional rehabilitation counseling practice is focused on helping people participate in the world around them, particularly in their own world of work.




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