Did You Know Rabbits are Perfectly Capable of Believing Everything at Once?

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I was quite fond of my office rabbit Mollie. She lived a long life and loved to lounge around, eat, drink and poop, and spent her other time binkying (read on!) Mollie died in her home on 8/8/2022. When I found her she was still warm and I was very saddened.

Looks like she’s the last pet rabbit I’ll care for (making her my third to love!).  Her poops usually got either tossed outside in the grass or tossed inside the compost bin. 

Mollie 3.31.2021

I’ve got a few questions for you:

Did you know that pet rabbits are affectionate, clever, trainable, well-groomed, mellow, quiet and low maintenance? Maybe you knew that.

Did you know that rabbits are crepuscular, meaning that they are most active at dusk and dawn? Maybe you didn’t know that.

Did you know that although a pet rabbit doesn’t like to be held or cuddled for very long, they do enjoy attention with scratches and treats! Maybe you knew that.

Did you know that rabbits are perfectly capable of believing everything at once? That’s what I want you to know! It’s proven by a binky!  What’s a binky you ask?  Remember my Attorney Reader, you thrive on answers!

No a binky is not a baby pacifier. It’s a super-happy flip that you’ll find to be one of the cutest things in the world as you watch this pet do this incredible dance!

Super epic alright! See, this rabbit believes everything at once! This is proof! 

I’ve never been able to capture Mollie doing a binky on video but have seen her binky in real-time in front of my eyes many times! It’s something I love to watch her do and I wish I could binky with her!

Here’s more information about rabbit communication I consider fascinating! 

My point for this blog is simple. If there’s truth that needs to be uncovered, let me help you help your litigated case.

Maybe the person can work, maybe the person cannot. Maybe the person has significant health care needs, maybe the person does not. Maybe the person can live independently, maybe the person cannot. Maybe the person can drive, maybe the person cannot. There can be a lot of maybes and nots!

Mollie is actually Arin’s pet rabbit, but when she graduated and moved out Mollie stayed put! Here they are on 6/28/2013 when both just babes!

I’ll help you develop questions and ask questions about the person’s living situation for use during a deposition, direct examination and/or cross examination. I’ll dive in and perform indepth research that always includes a make sense test and a well written report if that’s what you need. I can also provide research to help your case without being designated.

I loved looking at Mollie and petting her!

Then I’ll ask for feedback to critique my work, think about my beliefs, and rule-out errors. Upon completion, whether it be a successful case resolution via a trial win or a sensible settlement, I want you to binky! 

I also want you to know that I have thought about your case needs in many ways, shapes and forms, while remaining focused on the truths and being transparent with my findings and opinions.

The rabbit transparency sketch!

See how you can see what you believe you see through the eyes of clever rabbit! I want to help you convince others of what you see to be true. I’m here to help attorneys help their clients and I specialize in forensic rehabilitation!

Contact me at amyebotkin@lcpresourcesplus.com or vocresources@gmail.com or 515-778-0634 to discuss your case and how I could help. Again, I’m here to help attorneys help their clients. I look forward to hearing from you or seeing you in person!


One final photo shot. Hop in Peace Mollie


Thank you for reading my blog.


My professional consulting practice focuses on helping attorneys help their clients with civil litigation matters




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  1. Rabbits also poop a lot but they are very cute and cuddly. Wild rabbits get to be 2-4 pounds while some domesticated rabbits can reach 14-16 pounds. Molly weighs probably 2 pounds! Wild rabbits and domesticated rabbits cannot breed as they are two different species. Ask Frank Gale, the Rabbit Whisperer!

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