Vocational Resources Plus LLC Disclaimer, My Very Own Personalized Version!

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My Very Own Disclaimer!

The website I own and maintain www.lcpresourcesplus.com is a personal blog with stories and views all written and edited by me; and it is always in transition! Just like me, too!

Note: the URL address stands for L~life C~care P~planning Resources Plus. Someday I should obtain a domain that is easier on the thinker!

Reflected in those 3 letters, LCP, is my love to prepare life care plans for people affected in life with disability. 

SunflowersMy blog is a medium for me to connect with my readers and build relationships.

I enjoy creative writing and sharing my talents!

The information I publish, mostly on work and life, while offering ways to help attorneys help their clients, does not reflect the views of anyone else but me unless I’ve won you over! And I will!!

All opinions are my own!!!

I treat my site like gold and do whatever I can to protect it. I sincerely don’t want any content to be nothing other than a masterpiece : )

Because sources, information and links change over time, I’ll do what I can to track the natural evolution of content on my site.


I’m a rehabber and it’s in my nature to improve things…absolutely every single day!

If a post or something on my blog just doesn’t make sense to you or you see a typo or a problem referenced within my writing, please let me know. Provide me the information and I’ll see what change needs to happen. I do accept responsibility for the personal views and information I have control over, but as you and I both know, what really is under our control?

And of course, I like to add and display media ~ pictures, images, downloads, etc. Although some of these creative beings are mine, many are not, and those that are not, I do not own although I’d like to feel as though I do as they help me feature my blog.

I certainly don’t make any money off this blog…because there is nothing for sale!


My intention is to, of course do no harm, and offer my opinion and advice, not counsel.

Although I am a counselor, my blog is not used to convey a fact nor absolute nor shape a counseling relationship with my readers. (Sorry, that doesn’t sound too nice, but this is a disclaimer!)

Whatever advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations I make are meant solely to help others. I am not responsible nor will I be held liable for any unapproved or inappropriate comments. Further, I am also not responsible for mistranslation or interpretation of my site’s content.

Once again, the content on this blog is the opinion of the blogger, who is me, Amy! It is not intended to “malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual,” or anyone or thing, especially those with the ability and desire to fight back!

If there is concern or any copyright issue, again, let me know and I’ll make amends.


Whew, and I thought a couple of sentences would do it!

I’ll continually edit this disclaimer and re-post as time progresses and I learn more about myself and my work, as well as the world of small business blogging and website maintenance.

Thank you for reading! ~ Yours truly, Amy E. Botkin


My professional consulting practice focuses on helping attorneys help their clients with civil litigation matters.




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