Don’t Laugh if You’ve Done It!

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Okay. This is not a first for me, but it is a first for me to admit it to the public. And you may have done it yourself so don’t laugh.

Here’s the situation: All dressed up, ready to jump in the car and take off for an appointment. Must be on time! Let’s go!

Oh wait, I can grab that bag of garbage and toss is out on my way.

So there it goes and OH NO! What the!? NOOOOOO. I heard a tinkly sound.

Again NO NO NO NO NO. Plus on top, it was the day before garbage day…the container was pretty full and really icky.  

I tip the container and go in. Deep down…..ewwww.

Bette's Key Fob

Luckily I found the keys. Yes, I little grossness on me, but PTL!

Lesson to be learned: Focus on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking is good but if you mess up that is not good. Pay attention.

Hope you have a nice work week! Don’t lose your keys!


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