Graduations, Birthdays, Holidays, Weddings, and Career Counseling, Oh My!

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Originally Published on: May 28, 2012

This is such a busy time of the year for everyone! Yesterday my family celebrated Jacob’s high school graduation. It was a very nice ceremony held at the Knapp Center on Drake’s campus. So much diversity at North High!  So many happy families! And the band and chorus were fantastic!

A Happy Grad

I’m looking at some of Jake’s school paperwork, which includes his report card and transcript. Wow! That’s a lot of work!  Jake did really well in Aquarium Science, Psychology, and Economics.  Okay, being a vocational counselor that I am, I honestly can’t figure out where those three courses could tie together.  Let me think…..

One Spoiled Clown Fish

Career counseling the owner of a clown fish who spent too much on the aquarium set up. Sure.

That aside, where can Jake find a like he likes that includes fish, studying the mind and behavior of said fish, and using goods and resources efficiently?

How about animal caretaker? Where can a position like this be found in Jake’s labor market? What are some titles of a job like this? What are some of the employers in the market who hire for jobs likes this? What are the physical requirements of a job like this? Can a job potentially be accommodated if need be? How much does the work pay? What does the future look like for this job? ….. on and on Me and My Questions! 

I’d have to do a labor market survey, question workers in the field, look up statistics and perform other research related to accommodations and more. Sounds fun to me! Oh, and then write a report about my findings, results and recommendations for Jake (if that’s really what he wanted to do for work at this time in his life.) 

And next up, my beautiful daughter Arin is celebrating a big day today!  Happy Birthday Sweet 16!  She’s been car shopping!

Nice Ride, and I just noticed Texas Plates!

Happy Memorial Day.  Have a great day and be safe! I have some weddings to go to next month!  I love going to weddings…free food!

What have you been up to? Would you like my help in helping your client with their vocational future? Contact me to discuss your case! Thank you for reading my blog!


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