My Mom’s Jobs…From Typing Cookbooks to Court Clerk to Pool Manager….and more

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In June, I wrote about my dad Richard Prochnow and his work. Now on to my mom!

During the years all five of us were at home in the 70s, going to school every weekday, my mom worked out of the basement. Ann typed recipes for cookbooks. Using a manual typewriter, she typed up the ingredients and instructions for recipes submitted by cooks from all over the country. Often the information provided was scribbled on slips of paper. Dad served as the initial proof reader. After the pages containing the recipes were ready to be published, that is typed error free and in specific format, mom drove them to the cookbook place on Siloam Road.

Mom was paid by the page

In the late 70s, mom secured a position as clerk of court with the local magistrate’s office. She was responsible to keep track of the charges and the outcome of the court hearings involving smaller crimes (traffic violators, disturbing the peace, minor assaults, public intox, peeing in public, etc.)

Mom describes this job as keeping the records on “little” criminals

Also during this time frame mom worked part-time as a pool manager for the newly built indoor swimming facility at Ellsworth Community College.  She describes how she cleaned the pool with a vacuum. She checked the chlorine and pH levels of the water in the pool and in the sauna, mixing and adding chemicals as needed. She also scheduled lifeguards and kept on eye on them!

Mom got in the pool every Saturday morning!

There’s more to come, but I can certainly tell so far how I’m attracted to clerical work (I have always loved to type), the legal system and swimming!

Let me know if you’d like me to review your work history! I’d love to!

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