More On Mom’s Career at ECC…..Panther Pride!

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Continuing on regarding my mother’s career… My mom Ann moved into a secretarial position in the Dean’s office at ECC, working for Dean Duane Lloyd beginning in 1980.

Ann had a number of administrative duties, typing correspondence (from the Dean’s long hand scribbles), the board of director’s meetings, and other duties to help the Dean do his work!  Mom used an electric memory typewriter. A move up in technology!

From there, she moved into an administrative assistant position in ECC’s placement office, performing a variety of responsibilities such as contacting employers, posting job openings, and other placement related services for the college students and people in the community. Helping people get jobs!

Just like mom, I love to write resumes!

Mom’s position expanded to include a combination of working in the athletic office and in student services. She worked in an office directly inside the [Tony] Gentle Student Center which was dedicated in 1993.

Again, having a variety of responsibilities, there were many details involved in this administrative assistant role! One project mom describes is how she set up a routine to support the college’s seven sports programs (football, volleyball, men and women basketball, golf, baseball and softball.)

This involved scheduling timelines, contracting with officials (such as umpires and referees), tracking eligibility of players (such as their GPA, credit hours), helping to certify the programs, and submitting results to NJCAA (such as win/loss records.)

She also helped to support the E Club (Boosters Club), which involved keeping track of records, collecting money, notifying members of meetings, social events, dinners/banquets, etc.

ECC has many sports program!

By this time in her career, in the early to mid 90s, mom was well into using computers and fax machines, which certainly made clerical work a lot easier.

Mom retired in 1998 after working 18 years at ECC. Over the years she held a lot of different roles and responsibilities and worked in four different buildings on campus. Even before working at the college mom (and dad) were Panther fans…..and continue to this day!

My parents are Panther fans!

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know my parents.  I believe it is so important to look at what your parent’s did for a living… sheds light on why you do what you do for a living. Here’s a link back to my first post on November 21, 2011…..

Hi mom! I love you!

 I plan to blog about volunteering in the future, and will certainly write about all my parent’s have done for others!


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  1. You got this down very well considering you got most of this knowledge with one phone call. Good listening, writing and information.

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