Prochnow Family Halloween Fun 1969!

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Here I am with my brothers and sisters posing for a great pre-trick or treating photo shoot that highlights our personalities! 

Prochnow Halloween Fun!

Prochnow Halloween Fun 1969!

From right to left, Julie (not wanting to have too much fun); Michael (the only unique patterned cat, without paws); Janice (the middle cat, before bubbly got braces); Steven (the expert trick or treater who didn’t want to call it quits); and Amy…me (I’m thrilled to be along for the ride!) Let’s hit Cottrell Avenue and beyond…!

1603 Cottrell Ave, Iowa Falls, IA 50126 - Estimate and Home ...

This is a a recent photo. My mom sold the house in 2017 before moving to Florida.

I was a little over six years old, missing a front tooth or two, which makes eating candy a bit of a challenge. My mom said she had nothing to do at home but create these cat costumes…right!! In 1969, my parents were raising 5 kids ages 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10! 

The cat costumes had semi-removable feet sewn in and nice, thick,  long tails, you can see Janice’s hanging between her legs! I wore my costume out over the years because I enjoyed it so much (even slept in it)! Actually, I need to amend what I just wrote as I’m pretty sure I wore each costume out over the years as I grew into each one! 

The cat picture above was taken in our living room.  My mom still has the piano in her Florida home.  The house was always well cared for. It underwent a lot of renovation and upgrades to make it more functional and beautiful…and houses many memories. Trust me, there was a lot of activity!

Thank you mom for the costumes! Your sewing machine was sure kept busy during our growing up years!

Sewing clip art borders free clipart images 3 - Clipartix

Do you remember trick or treating when you were young? Over thirty years later, our society has different ways of “trick-or-treating.” I sure know my mom and dad didn’t come with us!  

Using our pillowcase to go trick-or-treating on Halloween ...

The best part of “trick-or-treating” for me was visiting older people in my hood and making them laugh with a silly joke! I remember coming home, emptying the pillow case on the living room carpet, and carefully organizing the candy into designated piles. Then we’d trade with each other! 

What are the top 5 Halloween candies of 2018? | Arlington Toyota

A Kit-Kat bar was a valuable asset of my loot and it was a difficult decision to trade!

Briefly back to my brothers and sisters. Each one of us has a unique talent that I truly appreciate. It seems our personalities are still exactly how the picture above represented us so many years ago. Siblings really don’t change, we just grow bigger!

I can see how gathering all sorts of goodies, sorting through what is valuable and what is not, and then looking for pieces that fit in to add wholeness is pretty much what I do in my forensics work.

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  1. FYI-the current piano is not “painted”. We bought a new one, probably in the 80s. Also I think the photo was Halloween 1969 and I made the costumes (nothing else to do) and patiently stuffed the tails with cotton batting. All the cats had paws and feet.

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