Prochnow Family Halloween Fun 1969!

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Here I am with my brothers and sisters posing for a great shot that highlights our personalities!

Prochnow Halloween Fun!

Prochnow Halloween Fun 1969!

From right to left, Julie (not wanting to have too much fun); Michael (messed up on his paws, although he’s the only unique patterned cat); Janice (the middle cat, must’ve been before bubbly got braces); Steven (he’d trick or treat for a long time!); and Amy…me (I’m just along for the ride!) Let’s hit Cottrell Avenue and beyond…!

I’m thinking (but will verify) cuz I am missing a front tooth or two, that I’m 6 or so. [Yes, mother verified I am correct!] Mom said she had nothing to do but create these cat costumes…right! In 1969, my parents were raising 5 kids ages 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10! 

The cat costumes had semi-removable feet sewed in and nice long thick tails, you can see Janices’ hanging between her legs! I actually wore my costume out over the years because I enjoyed it so much (Even slept in!) Actually, I need to amend what I just wrote as I’m pretty sure I probably wore em all out, cuz I grew into each one! 

The picture was taken in our living room in Iowa Falls. My mom still has the piano (was redone). I remember taking piano lessons as a young un from Ms. Schweiger (Mike did, too!). The fireplace to the right was redone too. Our home on Cottrell Avenue has always been nice and well cared for and underwent a lot of renovation and upgrades to make it more functional and beautiful…it houses a lot of memories!

Do you remember trick or treating when you were young? I sure know my mom and dad didn’t come with us! Thank you mom for the costumes! Thank you dad, for, I don’t know, did you help? Probably in some fashion sense! Both my parents, very skilled and talented!  Mom’s sewing machine was sure busy during our growing up years!

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Happy Halloween!

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  1. FYI-the current piano is not “painted”. We bought a new one, probably in the 80s. Also I think the photo was Halloween 1969 and I made the costumes (nothing else to do) and patiently stuffed the tails with cotton batting. All the cats had paws and feet.

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