What is Job Placement? It’s a Professional Procedure!

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Job Placement Can Be Viewed as a Professional Procedure

The goal of the procedure is to facilitate the job search to locate a position that matches the person’s knowledge base, skill set, attributes, work capacities, interests, aptitudes and physical abilities. Location, work scheduling, level of earnings, benefits, opportunities for growth plus more are identified.

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Job placement also involves career counseling, job seeking skills training,  and processing best methods for the client to connect with jobs found within his/her labor market and take appropriate and meaningful steps towards finding and securing a job.

Placement may also include vocational consulting for employers with hiring needs to find adequate profiles of persons to meet the requirements of their job openings.

The aim of job placement is to ensure the right person gets the right job!

Caveat:  Not all rehabilitation counselors are trained in job placement.

But I am!

I’m trained and certified in rehabilitation counseling AND in  job placement AND in forensics.  My expertise allows me to be very effective at placement!

I, Amy E. Botkin, have developed a certain resourcefulness and a placement orientation to things….and love providing placement services!

email me at amyebotkin@lcpresourcesplus.com or call me at 515-778-0634 for help with your placement needs.


My professional consulting practice focuses on helping attorneys help their clients with civil litigation matters


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