Des Moines, I am Proud to Be a Resident!

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As a rehabber, it’s my natural tendency to want to change things to function better or differently than from before! And yes, my focus is rehabbing people, but you could ask anyone around me and know that I also rehab plants, animals and just about anything else that engages my rehabber tendencies! My motto is “use what you got!”

I love to see improvements within people and within existing places. I get a thrill from seeing enhancements, more functioning, more beauty and more lovely spaces and places to go! Simply put: a higher quality of life is good for all.

I’ve been a DesMoinesian since the mid-1980s. I’ve seen our town improve greatly! Last week I attended an event at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden. While touring the outdoor area….I kept on repeating “wow” over and over.  Very cool.  The pathways above the water and to the to be completed waterfall are  spectacular!

2014-10-04 17.50.14

I’m happy the rainbow sculpture didn’t go far! 

I’ve always had a fascination with along the rivers and the Capitol area…and downtown too!! Luckily, I often see this beautiful building ~

Capitol Building picture

Built 1871-1886

Des Moines is getting really cool….which is incredible considering our town was stalled for awhile. I’m proud to be a resident of Des Moines, Iowa. And I’m excited to be a part of where we all are going! This City is Cool! I’m looking forward to what will be yet to come with the new Cowles Commons, formerly Nollen Plaza.

“Crusoe Umbrella” It was also a good beer holder!

My brother Steven and I loved going to Seniom Sed in the 80s. I’m also quite fond of Gray’s Lake and recall how it was so many years ago, pretty hidden and not nearly as impressive as it is now. My brother loved to play hacky sack with his buddies in the grassy area near the the north entrance.

Gray's Lake Bridge

Steven’s plaque is on the southeast end of the bridge

Hacky Sack Anyone

In Memory of Steven J Prochnow

Hacky Sack Any1?

Des Moines is rehabbing our downtown (East Village! Good Gravy! Nice!) in an incredibly tasteful fashion, in my opinion! Our old buildings are turned into new beauties. We are seeing lofts going up in warehouses, the new YMCA…and what will be of the Younkers building? I used to work there as a clerical temp in the marketing department in the 80s!

Have you been inside Central Campus, the DMPS building which is still getting rehabbed? (Where my husband has worked and will be relocating to early next year.) Oh, and did I mention the downtown library (all libraries have seen great improvements) and the sculpture garden? I could go on and on you know!

This is a blog I can always add to! Des Moines ~ I love this town!  Please add your input on your thoughts of our town.

Oh BTW, tomorrow is garbage day……keep your home, yard and community beautiful!


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