Bella The Working Dog ~ She Always Needs a Job

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Last evening Bella romped around the public pool during the annual doggie dive. I’ve blogged in the past how I feel asking an evaluee / client about pet ownership is important as it tells me a lot about their lifestyle and what they value, especially if I actually get to meet the pet(s).

Clearly, dog owners take great pride in their well-behaved beloved family member. But, when the dog decides to “be bad”, often owners end up looking a lot worse than the dog.

Bella at Doggie Dive

Our Sweet Bella ~ the Aussie on the Right!

Bella (Izabella Mae) is a good dog! As a “working dog” Australian Shepherds always need a job to do! She loves to work! Do you feel you are similar to a working dog?!?

Bella loves to herd! And herd whatever alive is near! And of course she barks! Loudly! And I can take it too personally, especially when I think she is excessive. But barking is her way of communicating. And as an Aussie owner, I need to understand her style of communication which affects her behavior. This involves studying as much as I can about her doggie lifestyle and what she values. (Even though I have been doing so for 7 years now you’d think I’d understand her barking and how to control it….! I try!)

Bella mostly barks at loud objects (fireworks) and fast moving vehicles (flying down the alley in “her” backyard) and various unknown people or critters who “invade” our space. Since we live in the city there’s activity everywhere! She doesn’t bark at dogs or cats (raccoons, yes!). She does not nip or bite at other creatures (correction, she has attacked wild bunny rabbits…).

Bella is a lover. And a human magnet especially to children. She has emotions! She is silly. She is affectionate. And yes, owning her costs lots of time, money and attention.

But Bella wasn’t the dog who led to a 20 minute time-out from the pool due to a “feces” incident! It was fun to see all these animals and their owners. When we left, the counter clicker said our exit was the #94 dog to have paid admission!

Thanks for reading and be sure to treat your pet with the respect she deserves! Dogs have rights too ya know!

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