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Happy Turkey-less Day to those who won’t be gobbling a gobbler this Thanksgiving!  I personally won’t because I continue as a pescatarian; I love the smell and taste of turkey; and I love the smell of grilling steaks too! 

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A delicious vegetarian roast tastes great & My opinion counts!

This post is about choosing your own path. I’ll start with a link to a post when my daughter Arin started a new job at Walgreen’s.

Over the two years she worked at Walgreen’s (she resigned earlier in 2014 to move in her lifestyle), she had many customer experiences and I value her opinion

She’s shared retail shopper stories, one of the worst was a day when she turned her back to get requested perfume out of the locked glass cabinet. When she turned forward “the customer” was seen racing towards the front doors with Chanel No. 5 in her hands (along with other stolen items). Yuck, huh. The thief got away and Walgreen’s had no recourse.

Kind shoppers, filled with gratitude and good intentions function like this:  get in, find what you need, pay and get out of the store. Done! Then, there’s others who float about in a hazy bubble without regard for other shoppers or the retail clerk.  The demand on their expectations is…Yuck!!Energy affects all people in positive and negative ways. My daughter quickly learned that the less you respond to rude, critical, argumentative people, the more peaceful and productive your life on the job will become!

AJ’s goal at work: Help customers spend and incentive their money with minimal distraction. This type of customer services adds a bonus to her paycheck, duh! My dear daughter, your knowledge and skill centers around emotional intelligence. Smart thinking! 

Emotional intelligence is a huge factor in my work as an expert witness.

A helpful and proactive approach to limit being overtly affected in certain settings and situations is to engage in a simple technique called being in your bubble.  Using this technique, while accepting others are in their bubble too! takes emotional intelligence, kindness and grace.

I’ve been displaced by soap many times when my sister Janice told me to get out of her bubble! Bubble

Bubble Me Up

I can’t find the source for what follows, but I’m sure whoever it is would be happy to share!

Being in your bubble goes as follows:

1.) Spend a few moments with your eyes closed, quieting your thoughts.

2.)  In your imagination create a big clear soap bubble all around you that is about a foot out from your body.

3.)  Notice yourself within this bubble, and acknowledge that any type of energy you don’t want to experience in your own body will be unable to get through the bubble, and will just bounce off.

4.)  Walk through your day within your bubble. Take a look at the bubble periodically just to affirm that it is there, and recreate it whenever you want to.            Bubble

 Bubble Me Down 

There’s great reasons to use this tool to manage endless bouncing energy. It frees you up to create the experience(s) the way you choose, while leaving others free to their own expression. You won’t need to get into the struggle and discomfort of resisting what others are doing or thinking, because it happens outside of your bubble and doesn’t need to affect you.

I hope your work week is productive, and you enjoy the energy surrounding your environments.

Contact me for expert help on your litigated case because I’m here to help you help your client. In fact, I value the opportunity to help.  The choice is yours! 

See, it was your choice to read my blog and I thank you graciously my Attorney Reader!

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