Randy’s Jobs….and Quitting Okoboji for Good!

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December 30, 2012. Perhaps a meaningful day in Randy’s work history. The day he “officially retired” from Okoboji Grill as a food server. In a previous blog, I wrote about working in a restaurant. Okay, he quit again, making this the 3rd or 4th time over a course of 20 years working at the restaurant that he “retired.”

Happy RetirementWanna place a bet whether he’ll return?

I know, I know, he’s king tv remote guy, and he has a lot of “regulars” who like him to serve em up at Boji. And I also know he likes to put the bartender hat on every now and then. But any bet placed will be won only by me. I think.

I couldn’t tell you (cuz I never kept track) how many evenings and weekends Randy has worked at a restaurant (first it was Garcia’s, in the early days of our marriage, then Okoboji). He reminds me he didn’t work any second job for like 4 years…but I don’t recall. I was probably working a second job at that time…as a transcriptionist.

The Honey Do ListTime to work for me!

Well, yes, I understand you are a public school teacher, and sure that takes some of your time during the work week. But, please let’s get some stuff off the honey do list! Or I’ll threaten to hire a handyman.

toolboxThat always makes Randy grab the tool box!

I’m continuing on in future blogs with writing about my husband and his jobs, with a focus on his work ethic. He has a good one!

People often refer to someone as having a good work ethic when they work hard however I think there is a lot more to having a good work ethic than just this.

When I perform vocational evaluations, I include an assessment of the individual’s work ethic. To begin that process, the individual does a self-rating and is asked to provide specific examples of their personality traits when they are at work.

Take a moment to think about your ethical and dependable work behaviors. Are your proud of yourself? Your significant other? I am.


My professional rehabilitation counseling practice is focused on helping people find a place in the workforce.

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